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Monday, October 11, 2004

CONTEST WINNERS: Picture of Peace

Here are the winners of the 3 photos which touched us most (in no particular order):

Scroll down the rest of the blog for more pictures. Our sincere thanks to all those who participated in the contest.

Thursday, September 16, 2004

Picture of Peace contest: Wong Kae Lain Lundy

"Look upon the face of a child in slumber...and you shall see the reflection of the world at peace." by Wong Kae Lain Lundy Posted by Hello

Picture of Peace contest: Yeo Keng Yong

Photo was taken at a quiet corner in the busy Houston downtown, The cosy environment makes this little corner a peaceful and comfortable place to stop by and take a break by Yeo Keng Yong
Posted by Hello

Picture of Peace contest: Jennifer Koh

Peace, not in the fingers of gently cupped hands, blue skies or the relief of a white flag, but it is this then, deep as the quiet earth, where feathery stalks meet the grassy land.
by Jennifer Koh Posted by Hello

Picture of Peace contest: Eric Chew

A sense of peace knowing there's still life in the midst of ruins and disorder... by Eric Chew Posted by Hello

Picture of Peace contest: C Q Low

Peace is where birds keep singing... even in cages... by C Q Low Posted by Hello

Picture of Peace contest: Ching Chuan

A monk in peace with the environment by Ching Chuan Posted by Hello

Picture of Peace contest: Pher Chi Khing

Peace is so fragile, anything can destroy it. However, the best part about humanity is that there is always hope for us to nurture and bloom again. Just wait for Sprint to come around. by Pher Chi Khing Posted by Hello

Picture of Peace contest: Andrew Kua

The simplicity and innocence of a kid feeling the softness of a tissue roll on a windy beach, completely paints the picture of the peaceful future that awaits him.

Note: this is not a posed photo. by Andrew Kua Posted by Hello

Wednesday, September 08, 2004


It's about Community, not Geography - Rob Salzman

Several THANK YOUs are in order:
Thanks to those who've taken time to share their thoughts. We're impressed by the depth and diversity. We're still open for more comments.

Our appreciation to those who've submitted pictures for the contest. Great stuff!The contest is on till 20 Sept 04. Keep those entries coming.

We also thank The September Project for including us as a participating venue. Thanks for listing Singapore on your MAP! Check out the books on Citizenship & Democracy. Please enquire at your nearest Community or Regional library for the books on display.

Here's a peek at some Sept-11 related enquiries submitted by the public to NLB librarians.

We look forward to your continued support of our libraries.

Monday, September 06, 2004

CONTEST - A Picture of PEACE

Is there any object, architecture, building, place or animal that reminds you of PEACE?

Take a digital picture of it, together with a one-liner that explains why it reminds you of peace, and email to us.

An NLB memorabilia will be given to the best 3 entries.
Please submit your picture in jpeg format.

Closing date for entries: 20 September 2004

Sunday, September 05, 2004


"Hate is not a family value"
– seen on a bumper sticker

This year’s 11 September marks the third anniversary of the tragedy that took place in America. The terrorist attack brought down the World Trade Center Towers in New York City and The Pentagon in Washington. A host of books have been written on the infamous event and they can be found in the library with call numbers 363.320973 and 973.931. Scroll down the blog for related websites and booklists for Adults & Young People and for Children.

We also have a CONTEST for readers.

We welcome you to post your thoughts, feelings, comments etc. You may choose to post anonymously, but we would appreciate if you indicate your initials and age. Click HERE to post, or you may just wish to read the comments only.
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Wednesday, September 01, 2004


Here are some selected enquiries, relating to Sept 11, that have been answered by NLB librarians. Note - The answers posted here have been shortened for brevity.

If you have similar questions, feel free to Ask our Librarians.
Q: Where can I find information about terrorism? (from K. Bte Abu Nain)
A: Books on terrorism may be found under the call number 303.625. You may wish to refer to the following titles:

Title: Understanding terrorism : psychosocial roots, consequences, and interventions / edited by Fathali M. Moghaddam and Anthony J. Marsella.
Publisher: Washington, DC : American Psychological Association, 2004.
Call no: q303.625 UND
Available at National Reference Library only.

Title: Encyclopedia of terrorism/ Cindy C. Combs and Martin Slann
Publisher: New York, N.Y. : Facts on File, 2002.
Call no.: R q303.62503 COM
Available at Jurong Regional Library, National Reference Library and Woodlands Regional Library.

Title: A Faceless Enemy: The Origins of Modern Terrorism/ Glenn E. Schweitzer with Carole Dorsch Schweitzer
Publisher: Reading, Mass. : Perseus, 2002.
Call no.: R 303.625 SCH
Available at National Reference Library only.

You may also wish to refer to the following websites:
Straits Times Interactive,3613,,00.html
Call no.: R 355.03359 DR year 2001-2
- Contains a collection of articles on terrorism that appeared in the Straits Times print edition from Sept 12, 2001 to March 31, 2002. You can find a copy at the National Reference Library

Response to Terrorism - Office of International Information Programs
- Contains latest news, fact sheets, transcripts and statements on the issues of terrorism.

International Policy Institute for Counter -Terrorism
- Provides a list of articles on terrorism as well as database on the list of Terrorist organisations.
It also includes a database which includes selected international terrorist and guerilla attacks
for the years 1986 to the present.

United Nations - Terrorism
- Contains information, articles, reports, news and developments on the fight against terrorism.


Q: I’m conducting research for a school project on September 11. I want to find out Osama’s reasons for attacking the U.S, as well as information on the attacks on the U.S. embassy in 1998. I also want to find out U.S’s reasons for retaliation and what tensions existed between Osama and U.S before September 11. (from Kayal V., Student)
A: You may wish to refer to the following books:

Title: Bin Laden : behind the mask of the terrorist / Adam Robinson
Publisher: Edinburgh : Mainstream, 2001.
Call no.: 303.625092 ROB
Available at most community and regional libraries.

Title: Holy war, Inc. : inside the secret world of Osama bin Laden / Peter L. Bergen
Publisher: Waterville, Me. : G.K. Hall, 2002, c2001.
Call no.: 303.625092 BER
Available at Jurong Regional Library only.

Title: Bin Laden: the man who declared war on America / Yossef Bodansky
Publisher: Rocklin, Calif. : Forum, c1999.
Call no.: 953 8053 BOD
Available at Bedok Community Library, Cheng San Community Library, Jurong Regional Library, Toa Payoh Community Library and library@orchard.

Title: The day that shook the world : understanding September 11th / edited by Jenny Baxter and Malcolm Downing.
Publisher: London : BBC Worldwide, 2001.
Call no.: 973.931 DAY
Available at Ang Mo Kio Community Library, Jurong Regional Library, Sengkang Community Library, Tampines Regional Library and Woodlands Regional Library.


Q: I need to know the historical backgrounds of both the Pentagon and the New York World Trade Center. This includes information on:
1. Everything from conceptualization of building plan to completion of the buildings.
2. Their functions from the past till the present.
3. Their main occupants in the last 2 years. (eg. Finance/ banks occupy over 40% of floor space in xxxx year)
4. The management hierarchy of the buildings.
(from Daniel)
A: Although many direct links about the background of these two buildings are disconnected after the terrorism attacks, there are some other on-line resources in which you can find the relevant information about the buildings:
  • BUILDING BIG: Databank: World Trade Center -
  • Forbes WTC Tenant List -
  • Washington Post World Trade Center Tenant List and Contacts -
  • Pentagon RDF-Sustainable Design -
  • Why is the Pentagon shaped the way it is? -
NLB has also obtained some relevant information for your enquiries from our partners in States. Please refer to the resources below:

A site called Great Buildings, includes images, site plans, 3D model, etc, and it has been updated with the most current information:

For more background on the Pentagon, visit their Web site:

The World Trade Center is managed by The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey:

More information on management and occupants of the buildings is available news articles, and I refer you specifically to:
The Washington Post -
The New York Times -


Q: I’m looking for information on the 911 terrorist attacks. Can you help? (from S. Hanifah)
A: The relevant books may generally be found under the call numbers 303.625 and 973.931. Here are a few titles for your reference:

Title: September 11, 2001: a record of tragedy, heroism, and hope/ by the editors of New York
Publisher: New York : Hary N. Abrams, 2001
Call No. 303. 625 SEP
Available at Jurong Regional Library, Tampines Regional Library and Woodlands Regional Library.

Title: At ground zero : young reporters who were there tell their stories / edited by Chris Bull & Sam Erman.
Publisher: New York : Thunder's Mouth Press, c2002.
Call no.: 974.71044 AT
Available at Ang Mo Kio Community Library, Cheng San Community Library, Jurong Regional Library, National Reference Library, Woodlands Regional Library and Library@Orchard.

Title: September 11 : a testimony.
Publisher: London : Reuters, 2001.
Call no.: q973.931 SEP
Available at most community libraries.


Q: I’m looking for a description of the Internal Security Act. I would like to find out on the policies adopted in Singapore after the September 11 attack. I need the information for my school project. (from Esther, Student)
A: You may wish to refer to the following:

Title: Why the ISA/ Ministry of Home Affairs.
Publisher: Singapore: Times Book International, 2002.
Call no.: SING 365.45 WHY
Available at most community and regional libraries.

Title: Regional political and security implications of the terror attacks in the United States / Derek da Cunha ... [et al.].
Publisher: Singapore : Institute of Southeast Asian Studies, 2001.
Call no.: RSING q363.320973 REG
Available at National Reference Library Only.

Other sources
You may wish to search for news reports and articles in the Factiva database. This database is available at the multi-media stations at all community and regional libraries. There is a $0.03 per minute charge for using the database and printing costs 30 cents a page. All charges are payable by Cashcard only.

Here are the steps to searching the database:

At main menu, choose "NLB Digital Library" for Service Channel. Then click on "Public Library".
1 - Scroll down to "Databases" and click on "".
2 - At the Factiva page, select the Source” to search from the collapsible menu. You can use the search engine to identify specific sources.
3 - Key in search terms. I used the following keywords:
Subject : singapore and security and ("Sep* 11" or terroris*)
Source: The Straits Times (Singapore); The Business Times; Channel News Asia
Date: All Available Dates
4 - Click on "Run Search" to begin search.

Here are examples of some news found:
  • The Straits Times (Singapore), July 21, 2004, 2,721 words, A framework to beat transnational terror.
  • Channel NewsAsia, November 4, 2003, 315 words, Singapore working on National Security Strategy to fight terrorism effectively.
  • The Straits Times (Singapore), January 9, 2002, 708 words, Singapore details anti-terror actions to UN, Betsy Pisik.
  • Channel NewsAsia, November 8, 2001, 263 words, Singapore must redouble security effort – DPM Tan.
  • Business Times (Singapore), October 4, 2001, 196 words, Tighter security at Changi Airport.

Q: I’m researching on military air power in the new security environment and the use of air power in special force operations, as well as the impact of the September 11 terrorist attacks (New York WTC and Pentagon) on air power. Can you refer me to some relevant sources? (Lim K. K.)
A: You may wish to check up the following books.

Title: America's special forces / David Bohrer.
Publisher: St. Paul, MN : MBI Pub. Co., 2002.
Call no.: q356.1670973 BOH
Available at Sengkang Community Library only.

Title: Airpower : a sentry magazine
Publisher: Granada Hills, Calif. : Sentry Books, [19--]-
Call no.: 358.4005 A
Available at Woodlands Regional Library only.

Title: US special operations command in action / Patrick Allen.
Publisher: Shrewsbury : Airlife, 2002.
Call no.: q356.1670973 ALL
Available at most community and regional libraries.

You may also want to consult the following websites:
Tools of Engagement: Air Power
Description: A look into the possible tools of engagement the U.S. will use to find and target terrorism world wide.

You may wish to further search major news portals such as CNN, BBC, Washington Post, etc. for more articles of interest to you. Some possible keywords:
- Sept 11
- terrorist attacks
- world trade center
- pentagon, etc.

Finally, for more information on your topic, you may like to search for magazine/news articles on Proquest Direct or Some suggested keywords:
- air power and September 11
- terrorist attacks and air power, etc.

An example of an article that you may obtain from Proquest is the one below:
Surprise. War Works After All.; Eric Schmitt; New York Times, New York, N.Y.; Nov 18, 2001; Late Edition (East Coast); pg. 4.1
Extract: "The formula for ousting the Taliban from northern Afghanistan looked like this: Use proxy ground forces in combination with overwhelming air power and stealthy commandos, and thus avoid using many American combat troops."


In collaboration with The September Project, here are some books relating to Citizenship and Democracy.Btw, we're on their map of the participating libraries worldwide! Please enquire at your nearest Community or Regional library for the books on display.

Booklist compiled by Thong Li (Library Officer). Check the NLB Catalogue for the availability of books.
The politics of multiculturalism: Pluralism and citizenship in Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia
Edited by Robert W. Hefner.
Call No.: 305.800959 POL
Keywords: Pluralism (Social sciences), Multiculturalism, Citizenship

The politics of nation building and citizenship in Singapore
Michael Hill and Lian Kwen Fee.
Call No.: SING 306.095957 HIL
Keywords: Citizenship Singapore, Civil society, Nationalism, Political participation, Multiculturalism, Singapore Politics and government.

Shoulder to shoulder: Our national service journal: commemorating 35 years of national service
Koh, Boon Pin.
Call No.: R SING 355.223095957 KOH
Keywords: National service Singapore. Singapore Armed forces Military life.

Imagining Singapore
Edited by Ban Kah Choon, Anne Pakir & Tong Chee Kiong
Call No.: SING 959.57 IMA -[HIS]
Keywords: 20th & 21st century Singapore History, Politics and government, Social conditions.

Radical democracy
David, Trend
Call No.: 321.80973 RAD
Keywords: Radical democracy, Identity, Citizenship and the state

Citizenship and democracy in a global era
Edited by Andrew Vandenberg
Call No.: 323.6 CIT
Keywords: Citizenship and democracy in a global era

Immigration as a democratic challenge
Ruth Rubio-MarĂ­n
Call No.: 342.73083 RUB
Keywords: Immigration as a democratic challenge, Citizenship and inclusion in Germany and the United States

Democracy and the nation state
Tomas Hammar
Call No.: 323.14 HAM
Keywords: Democracy and the nation state, Citizens in a world of international migration

Citizenship, community, and democracy
Edited by Ellie Vasta
Call No.: 323.6 CIT
Keywords: Citizenship, community, and democracy.

Transnational democracy
Edited by James Anderson
Call No.: 327.101 TRA
Keywords: Radical democracy, Loss of faith in conventional party politics, New ways of thinking about diversity, liberty and civil responsibility.

United we serve
E.J. Dionne, Jr., Kayla Meltzer Drogosz, Robert E. Litan, editors.
Call No.: 323.60973 UNI
Keywords: National service and the future of citizenship.

Globalization and belonging
Sheila L. Croucher
Call No.: 302.4 CRO
Keywords: Globalization and belonging, Politics of identity in a changing world

Downsizing democracy: How America sidelined its citizens and privatized its public
Matthew A. Crenson and Benjamin Ginsberg.
Call No.: 323.0420973 CRE
Keywords: From popular to personal democracy, The rise and fall of the citizen, Elections without voters, From masses to mailing lists, The jurisprudence of personal democracy, Movements without members, Privatizing the public, Does anyone need citizens?

Sunday, August 15, 2004


Booklists compiled by Ivy Lee (Librarian, Adult/ Young People Services). Check the NLB Catalogue for the availability of books.

Getting Over Getting Mad
Ford, Judy
Call No.: 152.47 FOR
coverThe best place to start is always with yourself. Get a grip of your anger with this book where you can learn how to deal with frustrations, upsets and annoyances before your outbursts cause you to lose all your friends.

The Coward’s Guide to Conflict
Ursiny, Tim
Call No.: 303.6 URS
coverMost of us will avoid conflicts at all costs. But if you can’t take flight, you can choose to fight back by facing up to it positively. Try the interactive exercises in this book and take up the challenge to resolve conflicts and gain friends in the process!

The One Minute Apology
Blanchard, Ken and McBride, Margret
Call No.: 158.2 BLA
cover'Sorry' -- perhaps the hardest word to say in the world. Yet, this powerful word can release you from the burdens of guilt, repair relationships and turn your enemies to allies. Told in the story of a young man who learns to face and deal with a crucial mistake he makes, learn how to take responsibilities and apologize effectively in this lovely parable.

A Conception of Toleration

Chin Liew, Ten
Call No.: 303.482 TEN
Ten Chin Liew is professor of philosophy at the National University of Singapore. This book is a collection of his writings that centers on the idea of toleration while applying philosophical concepts to everyday issues.

In the name of Hate
Perry, Barbara
Call No.: 364.1 PER
coverCrimes committed out of hatred towards other people’s race, ethnic origin, religion, sexual orientation, gender or political beliefs cause havoc to society. This book provides a historical understanding and offers a comprehensive theory of hate crimes.

Violence in Society
Armitage, Ronda
Call No.: Y 303.6 ARM
coverWritten for young adults, this book explores the common settings of violence in today’s world, including family violence, political violence, racism and war. It also discusses the social impact of violence in entertainment and its part in crimes.

Hope in a Dark Time

Krieger, David (ed.)
Call No.: 303.66 HOP
coverThis is a collection of writings by authors ranging from human rights activists and professors to journalists and Dalai Lama. The message in the book encourages all to transform hope to action and to make a deliberate decision to choose peace.

An Insider’s Guide to the UN
Fasulo, Linda M.
Call No.: 341.23 FAS
coverWhen we talk about international peace, how can we miss out the international peacekeeper – the United Nations? The book gives a good introduction to the goals and activities of the UN and surveys its many humanitarian and peacekeeping programmes.

Kepel, Gilles
Call No.: 320.55 KEP
coverSince the September 11th attacks, the term “jihad” had been linked synonymously with terrorism. In truth, however, “jihad” does not exclusively imply armed attack against non-Muslims. This book has been called a landmark book for its coverage on the history and geography of this political-religious phenomenon.

For more books on this subject, look up Call Numbers 363.320973 and 973.931.

Any thoughts about these books? Feel free to post your comments or email us.

Saturday, August 14, 2004


Updated: 8 Sept 04

The September Project
"A collection of people, groups, and organizations working to create a day of engagement, a day of conversation, a day of democracy."

September 11
This is an excellent website for key events leading from the September 11 attacks. A chronological listing of events complete with archived news, graphics and photos is presented in this website for a good overview of the tragedy.

The 9-11 Commission Report
Probably made famous by the movie-documentary Fahrenheit 9/11, this report will soon be available at the library. Meantime, you can access the online version in its entirety for a detailed account of the circumstances surrounding the 9/11 attacks.

The United Nations homepage
Visit the UN’s homepage to learn more about the role of the international peacekeeper.

MOE Racial Harmony website
Singapore Ministry of Education site on "Harmony in Discovery".

Short Inspiring Stories

Inspirational Patient Stories

Perspectives on World Peace and Religious Harmony

All sites were last accessed on: 8 August 2004.
Compiled by the following librarians:
Ivy Lee (Adult and Young People Services)
Norlin & Shang Nee (Children Services)

Any thoughts about these sites? Feel free to post your comments or email us.

Tuesday, August 10, 2004


Booklists compiled by Norlin and Shang Nee (Librarians, Children Services). Check the NLB Catalogue for the availability of books.

In the house of happiness : A book of prayers and praise
Neil Philip
New York : Clarion Books, 2003
A collection of short prayers from major religions--Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, and Islam--along with tribal chants, folk rhymes, and poems of praise and devotion
Call No. J 291.4 IN

The angel and other stories
Sue Stauffacher
Grand Rapids, Mich. : Eerdmans Books for Young Readers, 2002
Retellings of folktales which reflect Christian oral traditions from fifteenth and sixteenth century Europe
Call No. J 398.2 STA -[FOL]

Afghanistan : The culture
Erinn Banting
New York : Crabtree Pub. Co., c2003
Text and photos show how the people of Afghanistan, a predominantly Muslim country, celebrate holidays and festivals, using art, music, dance, and stories.
Call No. J 958.1 BAN

Muslim child : Understanding Islam through stories and poems
Rukhsana Khan
Morton Grove, Ill. : Albert Whitman & Co., 2002
A collection of stories and poems about Muslim children from a variety of backgrounds, focusing on the celebration of holidays and practices of Islam
Call No. J 297 KHA

Far beyond the garden gate : Alexandra David-Neel's journey to Lhasa
Don Brown
Boston : Houghton Mifflin Co., 2002
Describes the life and travels of Alexandra David-Neel, who became a scholar of Buddhism and Tibet in the early twentieth century and trekked thousands of miles to reach Llasa, the Tibetan capital
Call No. JP 915.1 BRO

Each breath a smile
Sister Susan
Berkeley, CA : Parallax Press, c2001
Children learn how to connect with their breathing to help them experience calmness and enjoy a deeper relationship with their friends, family and the world
Call No. JP SUS

What I believe
Alan Brown
Brookfield, Conn. : Millbrook Press, 1999
Introduces Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism, Shinto, and Taoism through the eyes of young members of those faiths.
Call No. J 291 BRO

Angels sweep the desert floor : Bible legends about Moses in the wilderness
Miriam Chaikin
New York : Clarion Books, c2002
A collection of eighteen stories based on the Bible which tell how angels respond to God's commands to ease the way for Moses and the Israelites as they cross the wilderness after being freed from slavery in Egypt
Call No. J 296.1 CHA

Fireman Small : Fire down below!
Wong Herbert Yee
Boston, Mass. : Houghton Mifflin Co., c2001
Having gone to the Pink Hotel to get some sleep, Fireman Small detects a fire there and saves its animal guests
Call No. JP YEE

Any thoughts about these sites? Feel free to post your comments or email us.

Sunday, August 01, 2004

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September 11, to us, is more than just a commemoration of the tragedy. It's a reminder on the importance for Tolerance, Harmony and Dialogue. We wish to promote these values through this site.

This blog started off as a public service project/ blog experiment by NLB librarians from the Adult & Young Peoples' (AYP) Services, in 2004. It now serves as a web archive of the 2004 event.

For further clarifications, please contact (Manager, Adult & Young Peoples' Services, Public Libraries, NLB).

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