Wednesday, September 01, 2004


In collaboration with The September Project, here are some books relating to Citizenship and Democracy.Btw, we're on their map of the participating libraries worldwide! Please enquire at your nearest Community or Regional library for the books on display.

Booklist compiled by Thong Li (Library Officer). Check the NLB Catalogue for the availability of books.
The politics of multiculturalism: Pluralism and citizenship in Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia
Edited by Robert W. Hefner.
Call No.: 305.800959 POL
Keywords: Pluralism (Social sciences), Multiculturalism, Citizenship

The politics of nation building and citizenship in Singapore
Michael Hill and Lian Kwen Fee.
Call No.: SING 306.095957 HIL
Keywords: Citizenship Singapore, Civil society, Nationalism, Political participation, Multiculturalism, Singapore Politics and government.

Shoulder to shoulder: Our national service journal: commemorating 35 years of national service
Koh, Boon Pin.
Call No.: R SING 355.223095957 KOH
Keywords: National service Singapore. Singapore Armed forces Military life.

Imagining Singapore
Edited by Ban Kah Choon, Anne Pakir & Tong Chee Kiong
Call No.: SING 959.57 IMA -[HIS]
Keywords: 20th & 21st century Singapore History, Politics and government, Social conditions.

Radical democracy
David, Trend
Call No.: 321.80973 RAD
Keywords: Radical democracy, Identity, Citizenship and the state

Citizenship and democracy in a global era
Edited by Andrew Vandenberg
Call No.: 323.6 CIT
Keywords: Citizenship and democracy in a global era

Immigration as a democratic challenge
Ruth Rubio-MarĂ­n
Call No.: 342.73083 RUB
Keywords: Immigration as a democratic challenge, Citizenship and inclusion in Germany and the United States

Democracy and the nation state
Tomas Hammar
Call No.: 323.14 HAM
Keywords: Democracy and the nation state, Citizens in a world of international migration

Citizenship, community, and democracy
Edited by Ellie Vasta
Call No.: 323.6 CIT
Keywords: Citizenship, community, and democracy.

Transnational democracy
Edited by James Anderson
Call No.: 327.101 TRA
Keywords: Radical democracy, Loss of faith in conventional party politics, New ways of thinking about diversity, liberty and civil responsibility.

United we serve
E.J. Dionne, Jr., Kayla Meltzer Drogosz, Robert E. Litan, editors.
Call No.: 323.60973 UNI
Keywords: National service and the future of citizenship.

Globalization and belonging
Sheila L. Croucher
Call No.: 302.4 CRO
Keywords: Globalization and belonging, Politics of identity in a changing world

Downsizing democracy: How America sidelined its citizens and privatized its public
Matthew A. Crenson and Benjamin Ginsberg.
Call No.: 323.0420973 CRE
Keywords: From popular to personal democracy, The rise and fall of the citizen, Elections without voters, From masses to mailing lists, The jurisprudence of personal democracy, Movements without members, Privatizing the public, Does anyone need citizens?

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