Sunday, August 15, 2004


Booklists compiled by Ivy Lee (Librarian, Adult/ Young People Services). Check the NLB Catalogue for the availability of books.

Getting Over Getting Mad
Ford, Judy
Call No.: 152.47 FOR
coverThe best place to start is always with yourself. Get a grip of your anger with this book where you can learn how to deal with frustrations, upsets and annoyances before your outbursts cause you to lose all your friends.

The Coward’s Guide to Conflict
Ursiny, Tim
Call No.: 303.6 URS
coverMost of us will avoid conflicts at all costs. But if you can’t take flight, you can choose to fight back by facing up to it positively. Try the interactive exercises in this book and take up the challenge to resolve conflicts and gain friends in the process!

The One Minute Apology
Blanchard, Ken and McBride, Margret
Call No.: 158.2 BLA
cover'Sorry' -- perhaps the hardest word to say in the world. Yet, this powerful word can release you from the burdens of guilt, repair relationships and turn your enemies to allies. Told in the story of a young man who learns to face and deal with a crucial mistake he makes, learn how to take responsibilities and apologize effectively in this lovely parable.

A Conception of Toleration

Chin Liew, Ten
Call No.: 303.482 TEN
Ten Chin Liew is professor of philosophy at the National University of Singapore. This book is a collection of his writings that centers on the idea of toleration while applying philosophical concepts to everyday issues.

In the name of Hate
Perry, Barbara
Call No.: 364.1 PER
coverCrimes committed out of hatred towards other people’s race, ethnic origin, religion, sexual orientation, gender or political beliefs cause havoc to society. This book provides a historical understanding and offers a comprehensive theory of hate crimes.

Violence in Society
Armitage, Ronda
Call No.: Y 303.6 ARM
coverWritten for young adults, this book explores the common settings of violence in today’s world, including family violence, political violence, racism and war. It also discusses the social impact of violence in entertainment and its part in crimes.

Hope in a Dark Time

Krieger, David (ed.)
Call No.: 303.66 HOP
coverThis is a collection of writings by authors ranging from human rights activists and professors to journalists and Dalai Lama. The message in the book encourages all to transform hope to action and to make a deliberate decision to choose peace.

An Insider’s Guide to the UN
Fasulo, Linda M.
Call No.: 341.23 FAS
coverWhen we talk about international peace, how can we miss out the international peacekeeper – the United Nations? The book gives a good introduction to the goals and activities of the UN and surveys its many humanitarian and peacekeeping programmes.

Kepel, Gilles
Call No.: 320.55 KEP
coverSince the September 11th attacks, the term “jihad” had been linked synonymously with terrorism. In truth, however, “jihad” does not exclusively imply armed attack against non-Muslims. This book has been called a landmark book for its coverage on the history and geography of this political-religious phenomenon.

For more books on this subject, look up Call Numbers 363.320973 and 973.931.

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