Thursday, March 31, 2005

What we did last year, and what we're thinking for 2005

Hi, I'm Ivan, one of the collaborators for this blog. I would like to share excerpts from my email exchanges with David Silver and Sara Washburn (the Project Directors for The September Project) just so you know what we're planning.

Last year, we used this blog to:

Some thoughts on what we plan to do this year:
  • We'll continue to use this blog as the primary way to engage the public. As for the theme, while it will anchor on "September 11", the broader theme is actually about "Harmony", "Tolerance" and "Dialogue". Why? Because as our tagline goes, "It's about Community, not Geography". We've explained it here.
  • We're thinking of having teens talking or blogging about the theme. Young people might have something to say on those issues. Perhaps post in their blogs, or start one.
  • The expressions could take the form of group discussions/ book talks, poems, drawings, photos etc. Maybe an open performance?
  • We could have Peer-to-peer book recommendations. For instance, adults recommending for other adults (and teens for teens; recommendations by children, for other children)
  • Or how about an Instant Messenging discussion at a pre-agreed time? Wouldn't that be cool?
  • Maybe Real-time Digital Videoconferencing? Well the time zone might be tricky... An overnight discussion/ pajama party in the library? So that we could chat with our friends from a different time zone (their morning is our night)
More important, this year we would like to take the conversations and dialogues beyond Singapore and to the Global Community. Imagine! Libraries from different countries networking and facilitating discussions and converstations across geographical boundaries.

What do you think of this idea?

You can email me, or leave a comment here.

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Anonymous said...

How about getting people to share what they were doing, like "What were you on Sept 11th?".