Tuesday, May 31, 2005

University of North Carolina, Wilmington

Ms. Elizabeth Peterson, Public Services Librarian from University of North Carolina at Wilmington, shares the following:

On Friday, Sept. 9, we plan to have a public forum in the amphitheatre just outside the library. We will invite members of the campus community to speak about what they believe and the values that drive their lives. These would be 2-3 minute essays/testimonials similar to NPR's "This I Believe" series.

On Saturday, Sept. 10 we'd like to have a film screening at the public library of Dr. Lou Buttino's documentary "Lessons of September: one school remembers 9/11," which follows one school in Brooklyn through the year after Sept. 11 to document how they came to terms with the event and the other issues the event has triggered. Dr. Buttino is an award-winning film studies professor at UNCW, and he would be present at the screening for Q&A and discussion. Following the film, we'd like to have an open forum for students from the university and local high schools to share any of their own work related to the themes of The September Project. This could include short films, poems, short stories, etc.

In the afternoon of Sunday, Sept. 11, we plan to have a panel discussion at UNCW with faculty from history and political science to talk about views of citizenship over time, foreign policy, other catalytic events, etc., to put Sept. 11 in a larger context.

In the evening of Sept. 11, we plan to have a screening of "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington" at UNCW along with a panel discussion with film studies professor and Capra scholar Tim Palmer, Frank Capra, Jr. (a resident of Wilmington), as well as a faculty historian and political scientist to talk about the real-world context of the film. Mr. Capra will likely provide the family print of the film.

We also plan to have displays, a reading list, a website, as well as plenty of publicity leading up to the weekend.

Thanks, Elizabeth.

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